Posted by: jonnyparis | May 6, 2008

Great animation! car advert

I was randomly searching, and came across this cool animation from Ford.

I like the this type of animation style. It looks cute and childlike, despite including two orange monsters eating people from an car. The whole animation is friendly and easy to watch, and reminds me of Pixar’s ‘Monsters Inc’, which contained similar 3D animation.

The video’s music and sound effects also kept my interest, and completed the overall cinematic quality of the piece. Since watching it, I have sent it on to family and friends, who have also responded in a positive manner. I think Ford have commissioned good animators, and the idea behind the commercial is really funny, but I’m not quite sure it actually promotes the car or brand that effectively.

Posted by: jonnyparis | May 5, 2008

The Japanese Crystal Method

‘Japan’s new flagship store for crystal kings Swarovski. Located in Ginza, Tokyo, this palace of retail reflection is covered in thousands of stainless-steel reliefs that create the illusion of actual crystal reflecting the urban landscape that surrounds. Designed by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshiok’

web link:

I found this interesting store design on the Yanko Design website. I think Swarovski have made a bold statement with this store in Japan. It is unique, and would standard out on any high street. It also represents the Swarovski brand well. I have a great interest in all forms of design, including storefront decoration and architecture. The different methods used to promote a brand, ranging from logo design to the actual location, are all important parts of a brand’s identity.

Posted by: jonnyparis | May 5, 2008

BBC Exposes Facebook Flaw

‘The BBC’s technology programme Click has exposed a security flaw in the social networking site Facebook which could compromise privacy.’

According to the BBC, any of the numerous third-party applications available on Facebook could potentially be accessing the identity information of any Facebook users who have installed the application, as well the identity of people listed as their friends. The information gained could potentially lead to identity theft, should it be misused.

I regularly use Facebook as a means of communication, and while I do not have many applications installed myself, I am friends with many people who seem to install as much as possible. Am I at risk for having my identity stolen? This is a possibility – however, as I can’t do anything about the applications my friends install, I will just have to wait until Facebook takes steps to ensure that this invasion of privacy is stopped. Due to the recent media coverage, this will probably take place very soon.

Posted by: jonnyparis | May 5, 2008 – cute and random

My girlfriend loves both the internet, and cute things. combines both of these together in one place. After checking out the website, I can see why it would be appealing. In addition to the content itself, the website is also well laid-out and easy to navigate.

I partcularly like this website because of its regular updates, and because it allows the user to comment on photos as well as uploading their own. The user-friendly nature of the website would also be attractive to the target audience, as its simplicity allows easy navigation. There are other, similar websites out their, that do not make as good use of design, and these can be off-putting for views.

I myself have spent some time navigating through the website, and enjoyed checking out the photos of the current daily puppies. The whole experience is free and friendly, the website makes money via advertisments, and they are well placed and dont in the way of the main content.

Posted by: jonnyparis | May 1, 2008

handy CSS website


I was researching for the Laszlo project, looking for a website with information on CSS, when I came across this website, which offers CSS templates for download. At the moment, I am not sure if I am going to design website based on a pre-existing template, or just from scratch. It all depends on how well I can learn to code CSS, and if any of the templates are suitable for the project.

Either way, I have found a useful website that offers free downloadable content, and I am sure that it will be handy design resource to have in the future, even if I don’t use for this project. I will now continue to look for information on CSS on the internet, in order to learn and build on the knowledge I have gained from tutorials in class.

Posted by: jonnyparis | May 1, 2008

Crazy Dimensions House!

I was looking into different forms of design to give me ideas for my professional project, and I came across this alternative and weirdly dimensioned house in Australia. The architect of this building is McBride Charles Ryan ( I love the shape and form of the building, it is very unique and different.

My favorite style of architecture is modern, with interesting angles and a sort of 3D look. This kind of house fits the bill, and if I was to build my own house or get into architecture, this style would be my main point of interest. I would like to produce designs that are of the same quality both in terms of the initial concept, and the finished product. Even though I am on the Interactive Media course, I do enjoy all kinds of design. I think it is important to be aware of the different types, as inspiration can be found anywhere.

Posted by: jonnyparis | April 30, 2008

Lynx tv advert competition

I was watching MTV yesterday, and came across an ad for a competition for the brand Lynx. After watching the commercial, I was intrigued by the competition, and visited the Lynx website to see what it was all about.

Video above is advert from campaign (not original one i saw on MTV)

I am hoping to participate in the contest, and would like to collaborate with two friends of mine, who are studying film, for this project. I think it is important to enter such competition, for a multidue of reasons – it will be a good experience, both for practice working within a team, and for developing my own skills. Most importantly, it is good for my portfolio. The competition offers prizes for the best entries, so hopfully our video will be included among the winners, but the prize is not as important as the other factors I have mentioned.

Posted by: jonnyparis | April 29, 2008

GTA 5 ! ! !

‘The most anticipated game ever, Grand Theft Auto IV will revolutionize gaming. You play as Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant to Liberty City with a murky, violent past. Hoping to start a new life in a new country, Niko arrives on the docks and is met by his cousin, Roman. Roman’s promises of ready wealth and easy women turn out to be exaggerations and Niko must quickly adjust to a hard life. But this is America, and Niko wants his slice of the American dream. With perseverance and hard work, he just might grab it.’

web sourced

I have just found out about the new version of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) that’s coming out, it’s the 5th installment and it looks ace! It is coming out on both the Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation 3 consoles. I have read up on some game review websites, and the game seems to have the potential to be a big seller.

My favorite version of the GTA games must be Vice City, which was really fun and lasted for quite a while. I hope version 5 can live up to the same standards. The game comes with a 18 rating, as it does allow the player to murder, carry out theft, steal cars, and break countless other laws, so this game would only be suitable for a mature adult audience. I hope to pick up a copy very soon 🙂

Posted by: jonnyparis | April 27, 2008

Code and Video! Belgium Website

I found out about this really cool website (, when my girl friend was using search engine called StumbleUpon, a free internet application.

‘StumbleUpon is a web browser plug in that allows its users to discover and rate webpages, photos, and videos.’

The website simple loads up and displays a video of two characters interacting with the actual web browser. Then depending, on their movements within the video, the internet browser window changes it’s size, height, width, and positioning. At first this was surprise, and I feel that someone who has limited computer skills or knowledge, may find this to scary or intimidating. Some users may not understand what is going on, and may consider that their computer had been hacked into, or that they had been given a virus.

This however is not the case, it is simply controlled through a clever use of code, which changes the properties of web browser proportions. I think the idea for the website is very unique – I have not seen anything close or even slightly similar to it. I hope that the work that I produce has the same level of creative thinking, mixed with technical knowhow.

Posted by: jonnyparis | April 23, 2008

Nintendo bring exercising to the home: Wii fitness!

‘Considering what a success the DS and Wii are now it’s easy to forget what a risk they have been for Nintendo. Not just the consoles themselves, with their never before tried controllers, but also most of the games. After all who’d have thought that a puppy owning simulator would go on to become the most successful game of the current generation? With Wii Fitness though Nintendo are pushing the definition of what a video game is even further, with a game that wants to get you fit as well as entertain you.’

‘Although the motion control sensing Wii remote has now been accepted by almost all Wii Fitness uses a completely different device for controlling its games. The Balance Board looks something like a set of bathroom scales but is filled with press sensors that can not only measure weight but also sense the movement of your body so that it can monitor and track exercises. There are around 40 activities in total, from yoga to press ups and step aerobics, as well as a number of “proper” games including heading footballs, a Super Monkey Ball style marble game and ski jumping. Also included a is the Brian Training inspired Wii Fitness Age, which monitors your weight and body mass index (BMI) every day and gives advice on your health.’

‘With other companies, including Square Enix, already interested in using the Balance Board as a controller for their own games Wii Fitness looks set to become Nintendo’s biggest success story yet.’

Web Link:

I first became away of Nintendo’s new product ‘Wii Fit’ through a friend of mine, and I was really pleased to see Nintendo being brave by introducing a new type of previously unseen gaming to the market. The idea of helping gamers to lose wait and tone up, while having fun, is an excellent idea. I think the current version will be a success, but future fitness-realted games, i.e. Wii Fit 2, will be even more popular. This is because it will take time for people to get used to this new form of gaming, and in future additions the games can developed and improved on. My girlfriend plans to buy it over the summer, and I look forward to trying it out.

Although not primarily and exercise game, one fairly similar game to Wii Fit is Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR. This was initially created for the Playstation 2, and involved a mat with four arrows, which the dancer would step on as the game directed. Each song had different dance steps, some more difficult than others, and dancing to harder songs sometimes proved to be an excellent workout. Again, though, this was not the primary purpose of DDR, as it is with Wii Fit. The main similarity between the two lies in the external mat that is used.

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