Posted by: jonnyparis | October 1, 2007

First day back at AIB (Intro to 2nd year Interactive Media)

Monday 1st October

After completing the first year, and having an enjoyable summer vacation visiting my girlfriend’s family in America, I was eagerly anticipating returning to the Arts Institute to begin my second year. I have learned a lot since beginning the course a year ago. Last year everything was completely new to me- the area, educational establishment, and living accommodations. It took me a while to adjust to these changes, but now, in my second year, I feel that I have benefited from the experience, as I am now better able to cope with the demands of the course.

Phil, the Interactive Media course leader, introduced the new units and learning objectives. These included motion graphics, advanced web design, and live project units.

I am particularly interested in the live project, as it gives me the opportunity to work for a large company while still working on a unit for the course. As it says on the FDA Interactive Media website (, “Students studying the Interface Design Principles unit will be set a live brief by members of the Sky Interactive team and asked to develop ideas for the future possibilities of social networking relating to sports and music content.”

In January, we will present our ideas at Sky’s London headquarters.

source of sky interactive images/logo – &


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