Posted by: jonnyparis | October 4, 2007

Trip to @ Bristol

Thursday 4th October

Liam Birtles, a tutor from Interactive Media, arranged a trip for us 2nd-year students to visit the science centre, Explore-At-Bristol (@ Bristol). The centre offered us the opportunity to learn from interaction with fun experiments science-related activities.


Our tutor thought it would be a good experience for us to see how such centres cope with designing and setting up exhibitions. This was key, as we have a unit coming up that requires us to design interfaces. The information and experiences we gained will help us to produce better and more effective interfaces.


The “Planetarium show” was an area of the centre that I particularly remember enjoying. It gave the viewing audience a simulated experience of being in space, and was carried out in a manner that made the subject interesting and diverse.
A nice added touch to the experience came at the end of the show, when the seating area rotated around to create the sensation that the audience was moving around the world.

sourced images from personal digital camera


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