Posted by: jonnyparis | October 27, 2007

Motion Graphics Unit – Test Footage


The below video displays some test footage that I have produced. My goal was to try out different techniques and ideas that I had for this project. I have uploaded the video to, and embedded it so that it can be viewed here in my blog.

After taking a second look at the initial edit, as well as gathering the opinions of several other people, I have been able to see all of the elements of the film that do and do not work. Of the positives, there are several factors. One is that the editing and tempo of the film works well, and the close-up shots give the viewer visual clues while keeping their interest and making them want to know more. Another element that pulls in the viewer’s interest is the drawing within the video, as it provides a means by which to understand the character while not giving too much away. The music is also a positive, although it has been suggested that I may want to find something with a slightly faster tempo. As far as the acting, the actor fits the role of the character well, in terms of her look and style. Something that I had not initially intended was the effect of the rubbing/scratching on her arms and legs, however, it has been brought to my attention that this is a very effective means of indirectly conveying the character’s personality. It is a nervous habit, signifying her childlike mindset, and yet is also vaguely sexual, drawing attention to her body, something that is associated with an older adolescent girl.

Although I do like my trial footage and edit, there are several things that need to be fixed. The most obvious of these is the lighting, particularly on the shots of the girl’s face. This is partially because the camera I was using did not pick up light very well, however I think that there was not enough contrast in the shots to begin with. The changes in lighting took away from the flow of the editing, and although it fitted the mood, there are certain improvements that need to be made. This problem will be addressed in my next attempt. The sound of the pen scratching was an effective means of conveying the character’s frenzied actions, but it was only featured for one clip. The overall film would be improved with the use of more sound effects. Similarly, the shots featuring bunnies should either be expanded upon or removed altogether- otherwise, the viewer is misled into believing they hold more significance than they actually do.

Now that I have completed my test attempt, I am able to better understand the project. I think that it was important to undertake this initial process, as it allowed me to learn from my mistakes, which will ultimately result in a better final outcome. It also gave me the opportunity to get responses from other people, which is very helpful in planning my next attempt.

Sources: video footage from personal camcorder and music from Music for Films, Vol. 3 CD – Fleeting Smile – Roger Eno (education puposes only and will not be used within final end result)


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