Posted by: jonnyparis | December 1, 2007

BAD DESIGN! London 2012 Olympic Logo

When London won the bid to host the Olympic games in 2012, I was happy and looked forward to perhaps visiting some of the events. However when I saw the games logo, I was shocked and thought it was a wasted opportunity. The design looks dated and old fashioned (1980s). On release the people pushing the logo, both the designers and the UK representatives for the 2012 games, thought it was modern, and would connect with the youth. I disagree, and think that could have been much better. The logo design could have been opened up to anyone as a competition to find a new logo. That way, they would have gotten both a different and unique logo, and most importantly make the UK audience feel part of the games.

The most annoying part of this whole story is the cost of the logo (branding)

‘Bosses of the 2012 Olympics were plunged into a fresh row last night after spending £400,000 on a controversial new logo for the London Games.

Web Link: sourced from the daily telegraphy

£400,00!! I think that they wasted money and time on this logo design. I hope soon they come to their senses and commission a new design to replace the current one.


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