Posted by: jonnyparis | December 6, 2007

I want this car! The Lamborghini Reventón

‘Designed with the idea of modern aeronautics behind it, Reventon has style and vitality like no other car around. With its twisting design the Reventon has a seamlessly elegant movement. The carbon fiber material and the forward-facing air intake allows for the 650 horsepower car stability, power and precision even at 340 km/hr.’

‘Not only is the design of the Reventon extraordinary, but the coloring created just for this model is unique. A mid opaque green/grey, which in the sunlight, shows a depth to the paint of the Reventon.’

web link:

I love the look of this Lamborghini sports car, it is modern and sophisticated. I particularly like the flow of the car, the design is smooth, making the whole car seem as one, and not divided into sections. I think you can tell that a lot of thought and experience went into designing this car. The only problem with the car is its price tag of 1.6 millions dollars… Oh well I better keep dream, that’s a crazy amount to spend, even though its a great car.


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