Posted by: jonnyparis | January 5, 2008

Testing camera at footie match

I am a massive Birmingham City Football Club fan, and went to see the game on boxing day. Whilst there, I took some photos and videos, to see how well the digital camera coped with capturing the movement.

The camera performed well on the day, and captured some good imagery, however under certain lighting – for example flood lighting, used at the match – the camera does not pick up the colours that well, and gives the overall look an orange or yellow tinge. Considering the cost and size of the digital camera, though, it did well, and I got some useful photos that captured the moment.

The video feature built into the camera is very poor when compared to a full digital camcorder, which that is made solely to record video footage. However, for its size, it produces good-quality small videos, much better than I was expecting. The look of the video, has much more detail than alternative methods of portable recording video, such as mobile phone. One downside of the camera’s video feature, is that it has the same flaw as the photo feature and every so often, picks up a yellowish tinge.

Since going to the match in December, I have realised that the digital camera has features that previously were thought impossible for taking photo or video. They include special modes including night mode, summer mode, etc, in addition to different filters and effects.

I have taken on board the new potentials regarding my digital camera, and intend to try and improve on taking photo. I will no doubt be taking it to the next game I plan to see, and hopefully I catch action when it unfolds.


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