Posted by: jonnyparis | February 4, 2008

Video Forum, Earls Court London

On the 1st of February, I traveled to Earls Court, London, to visit Video Forum, a video technology exhibition. The show had all kinds of new and exciting products on display, ranging from camcorders to digital compostering.

I learned a lot about the potential opportunities, as well as the limitations, within the video industry. Particularity, the most talked-about technology – High definition (HD). There were many stalls displaying new forms of this technology, and trying to express why their product was better than the others on display.

As part of the show, there were many tutorials and seminars. I went to a Sony based on HD technology, and found it to be interesting and informative. They placed emphasis on the cost implications of making a production, and how HD is much cheaper than film to make. Because of this, companies such as BBC, are choosing to shoot their dramas in HD. In addition to this, the talk explained that people are currently asking when HD video will replace film. The person conducting the talk explained that there should be more emphasis on the opportunities for both formats. They each have their own unique look and style, and should not be directly compared. However, he did explain that a lot of money is currently being spent HD technology on future related products and testing on the format. So, he said, sooner or later, this format will eventually replace film.

Another subject that the talk hit on was video camcorder technology. The current digital video tape going to be replaced by a hard-drive (built into camcorder). Some companies are willing to make the transfer over, and the presenter thought that because digital tape is a good and reliable technology, it will not fully be replaced for at least few years.

The video forum experience was an important experience for me, as it helped to make me into a more knowledgeable and up-to-date designer. I chose to visit Video Forum external to my course work, and will look to do the same next year, as I feel it is important to learn and experience as much as possible.


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