Posted by: jonnyparis | February 15, 2008

The Power of StumbleUpon (Web Application)

I was in class today, checking my e-mails and doing some unit work, when I noticed some of my fellow students using an application called StumbleUpon, which, I found out, is a new method for searching the internet. So when I got back home, I installed the apllication, was amazed at how easy and effective the program was. StumbleUpon works by asking the user to provide information about their interests when they sign up for the service, and then sends them to pages relating to those interests whenever they click on the “StumbleUpon” icon installed in their browser’s toolbar.

The service is free and is easy to install. I’ve found it great for those moments when you’re bored and in need of something to read or watch. The only problem with StumbleUpon is that, while it’s useful, it can even be additive and before you know it you’ll spend a long time looking through an endless supply of websites.

Another reason why I like StumbleUpon is because you can rate the website’s you’re sent to, so that the system can learn which websites you like, and which ones you don’t. This way, any future stumbles will send you to sites that are more likely to interest you.

Since installing the application, I have recommended it to many of my family and friends. I also discovered that StumbleUpon was acquired on May of 2007 for $75,000,000(75 million) USD by Ebay. This shows how quickly well-made products can catch on and become worth vast amounts of money.


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