Posted by: jonnyparis | February 28, 2008

Nintendo Vison – Interactive Floor

While searching for interactive media on, I came across this new and exciting technology.
Nintendo have patented an idea called ‘Nintendo Vision’ in Japan. There is currently only limited information available, but this news confirms that Nintendo’s aim is to progress further into the interactivity they began with the DS and Wii systems, and become number one in interactive gaming experiences.

On Google video, there is a video displaying some people using the product, and from what I can see it looks excellent. I can tell that this product has a lot of potential for commercial use- not only for Nintendo products, such as dance games, but also for a multitude of other uses including shop displays, clubs, and live music performances. Of the ideas I came up with, my favorite idea for this technology was to make use of it on fashion show runways.

This could enhance the experience of a model walking down a catwalk, making it much more visually interesting, as the clothing would seem to interact with the floor.
Looking in to this technology made me aware that there are a wide variety of possibilities with interactive media that have not yet been capitalized on. Because it is based on something so essential as a floor, there are many ways for it to be incorporated into larger projects. It would help to immerse a user in any experience it would be used for, from interactive gaming to creating atmosphere in a children’s restaurant.


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