Posted by: jonnyparis | March 30, 2008

Prague Break: Art, Museums & Culture

Between the 18th to 26th of March, I travelled to Prague in Czech Republic. I traveled all over the city, and participated in all kinds of interesting activities.

This visit was my first time in the Czech Republic, and I found the language to be difficult to grasp, however the local people were generally friendly and spoke English. I tried to see the “real” Prague, and went to several historical areas. While there, I saw some amazing architecture and examples of Eastern European culture. While visiting the old town area, I noticed that it had a easter market selling all kinds of traditional food and crafts.

The whole experience made me see and respect more traditional forms of design, the building and statues were different and unique when compared to the usual architecture of western Europe that I am used too. I also visited several museums and art house theaters, both interesting, and which showed me a alternative take on traditional forms.

When visiting one the theater we saw a play performed entirely under UV lighting. This was really interesting, as anything covered in black could not be seen, which allowed for creative uses of puppets and props that would not be possible in a traditional play. I found the whole experience weird and surreal, but also found it visually impressive, and it was nice to see an unfamiliar form of art. The whole Prague experience was a positive one, and I enjoy and experienced all aspects of Czech lifesyle, the old and the new. I would recommend it to someone who wants a well-priced holiday that is full of history, but also has good food and nightlife.


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