Posted by: jonnyparis | April 5, 2008

Laszlo Project – Retro and vintage designs: research, ideas & inpiration

I am currently working on a project for the music artist Laszlo, and as part of the project I am currently undertaking research. I came across this interesting article from Smashing Magazine’s website.

The website was a fantastic source of ideas, and gave me all kinds inspiration for my own work. The article included all forms of designs, ranging from slick, modern-styled graphic to cheeky illustrations.

While look at the designs, I started to think about fonts, colors, shapes and textures. These designs show a range of options, some visually simple, and some made up of complex graphics. I particularly like the Daft Punk image by James White, and the Conducteur Universal image by James White and Chris Toms.

Both of these designs used a style of graphics and mixture of colors that would fit in perfectly with the Laszlo project. I gained a lot from looking at these designs, and will try to also replicate the same high-end professional finish in my own products.

To follow on from this research, I intend to look into James White’s works, to see what work he has done and also find out if any other work could potentially give me ideas for my own work.


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