Posted by: jonnyparis | April 23, 2008

Nintendo bring exercising to the home: Wii fitness!

‘Considering what a success the DS and Wii are now it’s easy to forget what a risk they have been for Nintendo. Not just the consoles themselves, with their never before tried controllers, but also most of the games. After all who’d have thought that a puppy owning simulator would go on to become the most successful game of the current generation? With Wii Fitness though Nintendo are pushing the definition of what a video game is even further, with a game that wants to get you fit as well as entertain you.’

‘Although the motion control sensing Wii remote has now been accepted by almost all Wii Fitness uses a completely different device for controlling its games. The Balance Board looks something like a set of bathroom scales but is filled with press sensors that can not only measure weight but also sense the movement of your body so that it can monitor and track exercises. There are around 40 activities in total, from yoga to press ups and step aerobics, as well as a number of “proper” games including heading footballs, a Super Monkey Ball style marble game and ski jumping. Also included a is the Brian Training inspired Wii Fitness Age, which monitors your weight and body mass index (BMI) every day and gives advice on your health.’

‘With other companies, including Square Enix, already interested in using the Balance Board as a controller for their own games Wii Fitness looks set to become Nintendo’s biggest success story yet.’

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I first became away of Nintendo’s new product ‘Wii Fit’ through a friend of mine, and I was really pleased to see Nintendo being brave by introducing a new type of previously unseen gaming to the market. The idea of helping gamers to lose wait and tone up, while having fun, is an excellent idea. I think the current version will be a success, but future fitness-realted games, i.e. Wii Fit 2, will be even more popular. This is because it will take time for people to get used to this new form of gaming, and in future additions the games can developed and improved on. My girlfriend plans to buy it over the summer, and I look forward to trying it out.

Although not primarily and exercise game, one fairly similar game to Wii Fit is Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR. This was initially created for the Playstation 2, and involved a mat with four arrows, which the dancer would step on as the game directed. Each song had different dance steps, some more difficult than others, and dancing to harder songs sometimes proved to be an excellent workout. Again, though, this was not the primary purpose of DDR, as it is with Wii Fit. The main similarity between the two lies in the external mat that is used.


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