Posted by: jonnyparis | April 27, 2008

Code and Video! Belgium Website

I found out about this really cool website (, when my girl friend was using search engine called StumbleUpon, a free internet application.

‘StumbleUpon is a web browser plug in that allows its users to discover and rate webpages, photos, and videos.’

The website simple loads up and displays a video of two characters interacting with the actual web browser. Then depending, on their movements within the video, the internet browser window changes it’s size, height, width, and positioning. At first this was surprise, and I feel that someone who has limited computer skills or knowledge, may find this to scary or intimidating. Some users may not understand what is going on, and may consider that their computer had been hacked into, or that they had been given a virus.

This however is not the case, it is simply controlled through a clever use of code, which changes the properties of web browser proportions. I think the idea for the website is very unique – I have not seen anything close or even slightly similar to it. I hope that the work that I produce has the same level of creative thinking, mixed with technical knowhow.


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