Posted by: jonnyparis | May 5, 2008

BBC Exposes Facebook Flaw

‘The BBC’s technology programme Click has exposed a security flaw in the social networking site Facebook which could compromise privacy.’

According to the BBC, any of the numerous third-party applications available on Facebook could potentially be accessing the identity information of any Facebook users who have installed the application, as well the identity of people listed as their friends. The information gained could potentially lead to identity theft, should it be misused.

I regularly use Facebook as a means of communication, and while I do not have many applications installed myself, I am friends with many people who seem to install as much as possible. Am I at risk for having my identity stolen? This is a possibility – however, as I can’t do anything about the applications my friends install, I will just have to wait until Facebook takes steps to ensure that this invasion of privacy is stopped. Due to the recent media coverage, this will probably take place very soon.


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