Posted by: jonnyparis | May 5, 2008 – cute and random

My girlfriend loves both the internet, and cute things. combines both of these together in one place. After checking out the website, I can see why it would be appealing. In addition to the content itself, the website is also well laid-out and easy to navigate.

I partcularly like this website because of its regular updates, and because it allows the user to comment on photos as well as uploading their own. The user-friendly nature of the website would also be attractive to the target audience, as its simplicity allows easy navigation. There are other, similar websites out their, that do not make as good use of design, and these can be off-putting for views.

I myself have spent some time navigating through the website, and enjoyed checking out the photos of the current daily puppies. The whole experience is free and friendly, the website makes money via advertisments, and they are well placed and dont in the way of the main content.


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